Adéla Obermajerová - an English tutor, teacher and English-Czech translator in Prague

English tutoring

"Adéla Obermajerová: I teach people how to learn best by themselves"

(Learn Out Live, 19/03/2014)

My goal is to help learners become autonomous and discover learning with ease and fun. I show them the power of one´s own attitude towards learning and help them to shift this into a healthy one. I guide them through the world of innovative learning methods and self-education. This is, basically, the kind of education I believe in.

I´ve been teaching since 2007 as a freelancer. I started as a university student and turned my great hobby in a profession. I’m fascinated by the continuous self-development, be it professional, cultural, linguistic or personal, that goes hand in hand with my teaching. I love being present when learners experiment with language and realise their progress. And most importantly – when they learn by doing!

I like meeting colleagues and attending various seminars and workshops for inspiration. I enjoy researching and trying out new methods of learning. I’m convinced that the most “modern” way of learning and teaching is going back to natural learning in communication and social interaction, as free from analytical study as possible.

5 Things From My Life (You Might Like To Know)

Language Communicatively ( (2012-2013)
A project of my private courses in Brno, focused on learning skills and communication. Gradually I decided to step out of the comfort zone and quit using current course books.

Masaryk University (2005—2012)
My alma mater. I graduated at the English and Dutch Department, Faculty of Arts, obtaining a Master diploma. My one study track was Translation and Interpreting.

University College Ghent (2009)
For six months I studied applied linguistics in Ghent, Belgium. I met amazing Belgians studying Czech, which inspired me to such a degree that on my arrival I began teaching Czech, too. I also travelled to the UK and the Netherlands, where I both studied and worked for a short time.

Spirituality, Body and Mind 

Raising one´s vibration and spiritual growth is of great interest to me. I´m a certified Mohendzodaro-tantra yoga practitioner. I offer my own classes but I also interprete and translate at both workshops and private session to other practitioners. 


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