Lotus English is (for so far) a one-woman project born in 2013.

Let your English flourish is how I express that its an innovative way of learning and teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) that is based on discovering ones ability to grow as a learner, not using any course books or school desks.

I call my teaching 1-to-1 tutoring. The lessons take place live on Skype or in Čakovice, Prague. My typical learner is at pre-intermediate and intermediate level and is tired of, or demotivated by previous ineffective and way too academical studies.
I help these EFL learners find their true motivation and I guide them towards their study goals so that they record their progress. My role is that of “coach”, facilitating learning that is as natural, holistic and fun experience as possible, which enables one to let go of fear and finally start speaking.

I also write a blog (Czech and English articles) and manage a fc site where I recommend useful learning environments and resources which I find and test, give some tips for learning or share my various insights into the world of EFL / ELT without course books. Soon I´ll also be shooting short videos with language focus.

My vision is to organize group courses and to gain cooperation with native and international fluent teachers and speakers of English to offer my learners even more!

So if youre one of those above and are interested, surely contact me. Any ideas are welcome!
If you
re a non-Czech learner of English and want to learn with me, youre of course also more than welcome to contact me for any details.



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