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Jak začít mluvit anglicky... a úplně jednoduše

How to Start Speaking English... the Easy Way (CZ titulky) /

Jak začít mluvit anglicky... a úplně jednoduše (Video anglicky s českými titulky)

When we are at pre-intermediate and intermediate level of English, we might already be skilled in reading... but oh dear, speaking, that can be a tought nut to crack, especially when we are shy.

In this video, Adele from Lotus English gives us three easy tools which we can use in order to gradually become more relaxed speakers - even if our English is not yet fluent.

The key thing is to start with listening first - and not force ourselves into speaking when we are not ready yet. Adele reminds us of learning our first language in childhood when the natural order of things is the language entering our ears and only after many months, we start producing the first words.

 She goes on to explain that it is essential to feel at ease when trying to speak. A good tip is to find a language exchange partner. If they are exactly in the same situation as us - learning a foreign language - we are more likely to relax when realising that our partner "struggles" exactly the same way and that this is simply how learning proceeds and it has nothing to do with our personality. And it can be fun :-)

Finally, from her own personal experience, Adele recommends repeating after native speakers as much as possible - even if while listening to recordings and watching videos. This greatly improves our confidence because we learn natural spoken language by heart and it also helps to aquire correct pronunciation.

So even if you are still far from being fluent, enjoy the journey. If you stay on the track and start enjoying the process, you are sure to see first results very very soon!

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