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Letting New Vocabulary In

To let someone in = to allow someone to enter a house, room or a place. Kůzlátka weren’t allowed to let anyone in while their maminka was out. But eventually, they did let the wolf in and we all know how they ended up..

To let something in = Metaphorically to allow something to enter something, e.g. mind. So this is not about the wolf but about new English vocab :-)

How to stop forcing new English words into your head (this way they won’t stay too long anyway) and instead, open the door and let them easily in? Here is an excerpt for your from my book that I am writing now. Enjoy!

Letting English Vocabulary In is a process that helps you stop forcing new English words into your head (this way they won’t stay too long anyway) and instead, open the door and start enjoying a personal and fun learning. You stop forcing. You just let it in easily.

Go Step by Step

1. We choose a topic (e.g. words related to Wellness because its interesting for us). In this case we start from our first language. Or we already have a nice English language article on Wellness, a book or a video at hand. In the latter case we start right in English.

2. We look up the word(s), phrase(s) or expression(s) that is (are) personally interesting to us :) No dull words or words we do not really want to use in our active speaking / have in our reality ;) How many? I suggest maximum 5—8 expressions per one week. 

3. We learn how to pronounce the word and how to use it correctly (use a good monolingual dictionary, Google or the original English text or we check with an English teacher or a native or fluent speaker). At this stage, we learn the correct prepositions that go along with the word, if appropriate, the past forms if it is a verb, or information such as what other words often occur with this one (This is called a collocation). A typical example is a noun and an adjective that often goes with it, such a heavy rain (We dont say a strong rain or anything like that, no, a heavy rain). When did it rain heavily in your town last time, can you remember?

4. We imagine ourselves using the word or expression already and feeling how we may feel using it! 

Let me know how that works for you! :)
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