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Letting New Vocabulary In

To let someone in = to allow someone to enter a house, room or a place. Kůzlátka weren’t allowed to let anyone in while their maminka was out. But eventually, they did let the wolf in and we all know how they ended up..

To let something in = Metaphorically to allow something to enter something, e.g. mind. So this is not about the wolf but about new English vocab :-)

How to stop forcing new English words into your head (this way they won’t stay too long anyway) and instead, open the door and let them easily in? Here is an excerpt for your from my book that I am writing now. Enjoy!

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This is really awesome!

When I was 18, I went to London for summer English studies. One day, a gentleman expressed his feelings to me, wishing a rendez-vous with me. He said that I looked really awesome. Not understanding this, I looked it up in an English-Czech dictionary at the nearest occasion.

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Speaking English & Unexpected Things in Our Lives

Let´s uncover one aspect of Lotus English Tutoring 1-on-1 -- and that is working with one´s insecurities about speaking. Unexpected things in your life can be a great opportunity for personal growth and for working with your emotions. Jenny´s story will tell you more!

Feeling inspired? Share and inspire your friends as well! Thank you for not forgetting about your English-related dreams.


What Is Lotus English? / Co je lotosová angličtina?

O čem že ta lotosová angličtina je?

Ve videu představuje lektorka a tutorka Adéla Obermajerová (Adele) samu sebe, povykládá, jak se její lotosová angličtina vlastně zrodila a jaký je její současný vývoj. Nakonec prozrazuje, co je to to, co ji na výuce baví ze všeho úplně nejvíc a co plánuje dále.

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Learning Grammar Without Studying

Grammar is one essential part of language. But we do not have to cram it into our heads from grammar pages in course books thinking this is the way people must learn a language. It is not true.
The truth is that we learn grammar naturally if we surround ourselves with the language, observe it, talk about it with fluent speakers, and try to speak it ourselves.
Why these things? Is it ever possible that it is so simple?
I say it is -- and today's video is exactly about this. (české titulky k dispozici)